Host: CLUB Jr. Inc.
Dates : March 8th (Fri) - 10th (Sun), 2019
Location : Fujigawa Ryokuchi Park, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Sponsors : SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. ,  Landwell, Inc. , BUNKA SHUTTER CO.,LTD. , Discraft Inc. , etc.
Auspices : Japan Flying Disc Association, Fuji city, Fuji city Board of Education,  Fuji city Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Fujisan Tourism & Communication Bureau, SHIZUOKA TELECASTING Co.,Ltd. (tentative)
Supporters: Shizuoka Flying Disc Association, Fuji Flying Disc Association, MAINICHICOMNET Co.Ltd. , TEAM S.T.I , Koizumi Seikotsuin Regene Inc. , Fuji city hotel trade association, Fujimiya hotel trade association, Shimizu hotel trade association, Numazu hotel trade association (tentative)


■ Teams

Men's division:72, Women division:40, Mixed division:40

If too many teams register, teams will be selected in a random drawing.

* Participation: Please choose 3 days (March 8-10) or 2 days (March 9-10)

* Minimum: If four or more teams are attending, it’s happening.

* We may give bids to teams supported by CLUB Jr. , teams from foreign countries, and teams referred by Shizuoka Flying Disc Association in advance.
You can see teams registered from here.   http://score.clubjr.com/pscore/scv_team_list/open/196?lang=jp

The number of players
Each team must have 10 players or more.
In mixed division, each team must have 4 players or more in each gender and 10 players or more in total.
We can accept a bit from the team that doesn’t meet the requirements above.

Tournament Fee
7,000 JPY per player (including the tournament swag as player’s kit)
< Payment >After the roster is set, we will send the payment information (bank info, amount, and due date) to a team representative. Please make a payment as a team.

■ Awards
In each division, we give awards to top 3 teams, honorable mention team, MVP, spirit player

■ Results
Only the final scores will be updated in the score site.
*Please note we don’t update the individual scores.

■ Rules
50 minutes per game (2 timeouts per team, clock stops during timeouts)
WFDF rules will be used for the tournament.
Discs approved by WFDF will be used for the games.
Some special rules for Dream Cup will be applied.

■ Registration Deadlines
5pm, January 10th (Thu), 2019
*Teams can register only once.
*Please email us if you want to cancel your registration.
The bid allocation will be emailed to team representatives by 5pm, January 11th (Fri), 2019
Please note you must pay the fee for 7 players (49,000JPY) if you cancel after this.
(We will send the participation prize after the tournament.)
If you cancel after February 25th (Mon), you must pay the fee for all player on the roster.
Teams that don’t get bids in a random drawing will be waitlisted.

■ Registration form
*All teams must submit bids through the registration form.
< Required information >
1. Team name (You can change the name until you submit the roster.)
2. Division (Men/Women/Mixed)
3. Schedule (3 days [March 8-10] or 2 days [March 9-10])
4. Team Representative Name, Address, Phone number
5. Primary Email address
6. Alternate Email address (Just in case the primary email address doesn’t work.)
*We will send all information by email. Please make sure you can receive emails from dreamcup@clubjr.com. Please be aware that our emails are sometimes sorted into a spam folder.

■ Entry form deadline
11pm, January 21th (Tue), 2019
*No player can be rostered to multiple teams.
Please fill out the entry form and send it to dreamcup@clubjr.com.

Once the entry form is sent, your registration is completed.If you don’t sent the entry form by the deadline above, your bid will be forfeited.

■ Roster deadline
5pm, January 29th (Tue), 2019
You can’t change the roster after this.
If you want to change the roster, please email us the updated entry form.

■ Timeline
5pm, January 10th (Thu): Team registration deadline
5pm, January 11th (Fri): The bid allocation will be emailed.
11pm, January 21th (Mon): Entry form deadline
5pm, January 29th (Tue): Roster deadline
2pm, February 25th (Mon): Payment deadline

■ Insurance
All participants are insured by a sport insurance against their injuries and hurt other players while playing. Please note CLUB Jr. Inc is not responsible for any accidents, damages, etc. occurring during the tournament.

■ Uniform
Please prepare the team jerseys. Numbers on the back must be 16cm or more in height and 3cm or more in width.
*If teams playing against each other wear the same color of the jerseys, we will lend bibs.


Please note all players who are attending Dream Cup must book accommodation through the designated travel agency (MAINICHICOMNET Co.Ltd.) because particular local hotels maintain the fields.
* Accommodation application form will be sent to teams that get bids.

■ Contact
Please let us know if you have any questions.  Email: international@clubjr.com

* Please note CLUB Jr. may use pictures and videos taken during the tournament.